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The Legacy of the Logo

Isett Gear has a proud history, starting back in the 1970s, when Shirley Isett designed the original logo.

That logo, a deceptively simple "I" image, actually contained quite the depth of meaning–what all can you spot?

  • The perpendicular "I" beam signifies both the name of Isett and an actual steel "I" beam used in construction, as our firm provides structural engineering services. 

  • The center image in the logo resembles a "B" for Barry, and also represents a surveyor's gammon reel target and cross hairs through a surveying transit. 

  • It also represents a "D" for the firm’s design capabilities.

  • A compass appears in the lower right portion to signify our CADD design.

Originally, this was paired with a long, horizontal "Barry Isett & Associates."

A New Look

In 2018, the text surrounding the logo was resdesigned by our in-house graphic designer, Kelly Raines.

Explains Kelly, “Each of the graphic components was purposely created to signify the on-going ownership transition to our employees including increasing the size of ISETT, downsizing ‘Barry,’ and creating a contrast to ‘associates.’


Graphically, each line of text has an element that makes it stand out in some way but overall functions as a unit, much like the workings of our company. The lines of text create a stepping effect, again symbolically showing the stepping down of Barry to our employees. The updated style creates a fresh look for the company as we continue to grow in the future.”