Your guide to getting free Isett gear.

Isett Shop Coins

A shop credit, personal coupon code, gift card - whatever you would like to call them - virtual shop coins are your way to get free Isett Gear.

1 Coin = $1 to the Isett Gear Shop.

You will need to sign-up through the pop-up once, and then we can start sending credits directly to your account, that can be spent anywhere in the shop.


Look for this 

pop-up below

to sign up, and click join now.


1. Sign Up

In the bottom left hand side of our site, you should see a red circle with a coupon logo.

This is our coupon-bot, who will send you shop coins throughout the year.

Sign up using the join now button. You will receive small coin rewards for purchases, but this is mostly how we will send gift credit coins.

2. Earn Coins

All new associates start with a bank of coins to spend on Isett Gear.

After that, coins may be earned in several ways, including various initiatives and as activity prizes - keep an eye out for emails!

If you would like to offer coins for an event, please contact us.

3. Redeem Coins

Coins can be redeemed for coupon codes that will take that amount off of your order.

1 Coin = $1 in the store

You can redeem up to your full amount of coins, and any unused coins will remain in your account for future use.

Coins have no expiration date.

4. Spend Coins

At checkout, you can use your coupon code(s) to take that amount off of your order.

You can "stack" codes, using multiple together.

Coupons will not expire. 

Should you reach a $0 total, you will be able to check out for free.