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The Isett Gear shop runs on the policies & values of Barry Isett & Associates.

Shipping Policy

We currently only deliver Isett Gear to associates through internal channels - starting in DV and traveling through the Lehigh Valley Office.

If you would like something sent to a client site, this is available, through special request. Please send us a message. 

Return & Exchange Policy

For purchases made using coupon codes:

You may exchange your items for a different size or type, up to the same value, up to 90 days from receiving the time. Please contact us with your choice of replacement and leave your unwanted items with your admin.

For purchases made using credit cards:

 Exchanges, as outlined above, are offered up to 90 days from receiving your items. You may also opt for a refund on your credit card.  Please note the refund will be issued once the original items are received by your admin.

After 90 days:

Please post your items in the Paylocity Swap Group! You can trade with other associates to swap your stash with items from any collection.